1. Up to two days before the test, stop all medications and supplements unless necessary for absolutely necessary (Ex – blood pressure agents, insulin, seizure medications, etc.)Ask the Doctor beforehand if unsure.  If you bring your medications and supplements with you, carry them in a bag that can be left outside the testing area.
  2. Avoid physical exertion (jogging, physical stress, exercise, etc.) 2-3 hours before taking the test
  3. Although stress can not be completely avoided before the test, try to minimize it by having someone else drive you to the appointment
  4. Do not use lotions or creams on your hands or feet.
  5. Remove all watches, large crystals or stones, keys, pagers, organizers, phones, and any other electronic devices.These can be kept in the room with you.
  6. If you have been asked to bring foods, medications, or supplements with you for testing, put it in a bag the day before so that there is no direct contact with it the day of the testing.

The Performance 2001 will test 5-40 points on the ends of your fingertips and toes (nail root angle terminal points). In order to obtain readings, the probe will be moistened with salt water and a clamp will be placed on your forearm.  The instrument does not send electricity, radiation, or magnetism into the body – it only detects electric currents (the strength is reported in amperes). This avoids the distortion by all other electronic measurement devices. Therefore it is absolutely safe and risk-free.  It is entirely quantitative and objective – the result will be same no matter who tests you, just like an EKG or and EEG.

The first goal is to find the lowest values to indicate which acupuncture meridians and respective organs have the lowest level of energy.  If there are multiple low points, the possibility that you have a Low Battery Focus becomes a strong consideration.  Further testing must be deferred until this is corrected.  There are several possibilities for treatment.  See the webpage on “Low Battery Focus” in www.drkaslow.com.

If there is no lowest value, the next step is to find the highest value and determine what will lower it towards normal.  When all values are elevated, a state of sympathetic dominance is evident and is commonly due to allergies, intoxication, and/or fungal infections.  When all values are reduced, a state of parasympathetic dominance is evident.

There are no normal values per se, only normal ranges.  The values changes moment to moment depending on the environment, metabolic state, etc.  In general most healthy/vital adults have values 400-800nA.


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