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Below is a list of some of the items the Internal Revenue Service allows as reimbursable health expenses through a Health Flexible Spending Account of a Cafeteria Plan.  Check with your plan administrator or accountant to verify…


Ambulance hire

Artificial limbs and teeth

Automobile modification (hand controls, special equipment, mechanical lifts)

Braille books & magazines



Doctor co-pays

Drugs (prescription only or insulin)




      Any physician, surgeon, psychiatrist or osteopath

      Blood donor


      Chiropodist (expense)

      Laser Eye Surgery

      Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Massage Therapy

      Lip reading lessons for the deaf


      Christian Science practitioner office visits

      Nurse or Midwife

      Dentist**, Oral Surgery, Orthodontia

      Psychoanalyst or Psychologist, Family counseling (no marriage counseling)




      Examination, physical

      Eye examination, Optician or Optometrist

      *Weight Loss (when prescribed as treatment for specific disease)

Halfway house residency

Hearing devices

Hospital or clinic costs

Iron lung, operating cost

Laetrile, when prescribed by doctor

Lifetime care at medical facility

*Medical supplies (when prescribed as treatment for specific medical condition)

Nursing care

Obstetrical expense

Operation & related treatments**

Oxygen equipment

*Rental of medical or healing equipment (requires doctor’s note)

Seeing-eye dog

Special education

Special television that provides deaf individuals with display of audio portion of television programs

Telephone for deaf

Transportation expense relative to illness (including Doctor’s office)



*Letter from doctor stating the specific medical condition and the duration of treatment must accompany claim.


**If not for cosmetic purposes.

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