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April 2000

          Spring is here and with it promise and pollen. There are many new developments to share with you…

          The entire office moved into a larger more functional suite upstairs April 24th in the same building: SUITE 206. Phone numbers, office hours, and the office staff remain unchanged. We hope that you will notice greater privacy during your diagnostic testing, faster access to your chart and lab supplies, larger area for physical therapy and nutritional counseling. Clean carpets! Better view. It is our hope that we can increase the sense of serenity for all. Any chemicals used in the remodel were ozonated out thoroughly before the first patient walked in the door.

          Many of you have had our latest diagnostic test, the CRT2000. The information from it provides a road map of how and where to better your road back to health. It has been very insightful not only in your care as a patient, but also in showing me the tendencies and weakness in the way I manage patients. For example, it seems I do not do enough lymphatic drainage.

          One of the great challenges facing me as a physician is what to do when someone says they "feel well." How hard do I look for imbalances? How do I know that what you may perceive as "normal" is a state of optimal health? How do I alter the earliest signs of trouble even when you are not bothered? How do I convince you that feeling well or being symptom-free is not in fact the same as being in biochemical and hormonal balance? I know that a "routine physical exam" is almost useless in preventive care. It does occasionally detect disease early/earlier. This is not what prevention is about.

          You don't catch disease. Major illnesses in general don't just happen all of a sudden. They develop when your body has failed to adapt/respond. For example, it's well-known that the first symptom of heart disease for many people is a heart attack, often a fatal one. I can assure you that heart disease doesn't occur randomly or even suddenly unless it is associated with trauma. Cancer, most forms of arthritis, osteoporosis, weight gain, loss of mental sharpness, etc. all take years to manifest and ultimately disrupt/interfere with your life. While this should not make you fearful, it should make you realize that it is prudent to know where you are and the depth of your health. The CRT 2000 is a good example of how I can look deeper into your state of health or disease, measure it, and get an idea of the type of action that needs to be considered. In addition to the CRT, I am reviewing other biological measures of health and fitness for incorporation into the practice. We will let you know more about these as their accuracy and reliability has been confirmed.

          There has been good feedback about the Nutri-Tec Nutritional Program available from our nutritional pharmacy. This simple personalized nutritional support program is designed for patients that can not wait until their first visit, can not afford a full evaluation, or live out of the area. It applies the same approach I use for regular patients. The program requires a few minutes to complete a computerized survey form that is very similar to my own initial history form. Combined with any lab reports available, the survey gives an excellent health overview. Based on the results, I personally develop a basic nutritional program including diet suggestions and further tests that may be helpful. I hope to expand the survey and make it even more comprehensive in the summer of 2000. Call 714-565-1036 for more information.

          Many of you have found out how powerful physical therapy is with our Registered Physical Therapist. We continue to see breakthroughs in a variety of problems involving surgical adhesions, hiatal hernias, musculoskeletal injuries, muscular pain, detoxication, etc. One of the secrets to our success is the use of specialized electronic instruments (Acusope/Myopulse) that provide the body the healing frequencies. These are very different than the non-healing techniques used by most other physical therapists and chiropractors such as inferential treatments, ultrasound, TENS, etc. Our unique Acuscope/Myopulse techniques, lymphatic and muscular massage, manual release techniques, and specific nutritional support makes the difference.

          An update about my participation in discounted health plans such as PPO's and Point of Service Programs. I have terminated my contract with HealthNet as of December 1, 1999. The changes for those with HealthNet coverage were minimal. We have adjusted the co-payments whenever feasible. I will no longer be a participating provider with the Private Health Care Systems (PHCS) May 1, 2000. For those of you enrolled in a PHCS health plan, don't panic. You can still see us, and we will still bill your insurance for you. We believe the co-payment changes will be minimal, and in fact in some cases less! We want to keep you as patients and will work with you. Expect some changes. PacifiCare and Aetna will be reviewed soon for their feasibility.

          June 9-11, 2000 I will attend a seminar in Seattle, Washington about a powerful therapy called Neural Therapy. There are only a handful of qualified medical doctors in this country performing this technique although it has been used successfully in Europe for decades. In the few instances I used Neural Therapy, dramatic results occurred. My quest for exploring this technique was based on my frustration and disappointment when I had applied the best biochemistry, nutrition, hormone, detoxification, etc. I can offer and still there seemed to be a block in a few of my patient's path to recovery. Neural Therapy seems to unlock the door and enable the body to heal itself. As I develop greater understanding of Neural Therapy (its limits, applications, nuances), I will let you know.

          I realize that the delays in the office are a chronic problem. I don't like being late, I know your time is valuable, and I don't want you or me to feel rushed. To help correct this, beginning in June 2000, appointments will be in 20-minute increments rather than 15-minute as they are now. Coding changes for insurance reimbursements will be different. The charges will be more reflective of the time spent in consultation rather than just a routine office visit. I hope to post a full list of common charges on the Website so there are no surprises. I will put it under the heading of Services Offered at Current Fee Schedule.

          I am exploring getting an additional practitioner to work with me. Finding the right person is not easy. Until this happens, I will be limiting the number of new patients into the practice so that my existing patients will get the service and care they deserve and I want to provide.

          To better communicate with you, we ask that you provide us with your phone number for work and facsimiles and your e-mail address. These may be helpful to contact you for appointment changes, urgent news, lab reports, etc.

          There is an update on the Page Fundamental Diet that continues to be the backbone diet for many of you. A current version is on the website already. The new components are about avoiding pork and the importance of minerals.

As ever,

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

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