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Patty Thetford, C.N.T. had functioned in a variety of capacities in our office until 2008.  She works out of her home in Newport Beach and is still considered an extension of our office.  She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Darkfield Microscopist.  She is an Instructor and was on the Board of Advisors for the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.  She completed her B.S. degree at Vanguard University in Psychology and Behavior Services in 2005.  Life experiences as a mother of two, prior business executive, and an active participant in her church add to her ability to relate and connect to both children and adults in all walks of life.


As a Darkfield Microscopist, Patty often uses the microscopic study of your live blood cells, which requires just a small droplet of blood taken from your fingertip.  The sample is then placed on a slide and then observed through a high tech phase contrast microscope connected to a video monitor.  Microscopy shows the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells and other particles in your blood such as fat particles, incomplete breakdown of metabolic products, bacteria, yeast forms, occasionally a parasite, etc.  While not used to make a specific diagnosis (only a licensed doctor can make a diagnosis), the findings may indicate conditions affect your health.  Often, live blood analysis detects changes not only before traditional blood tests but often when traditional tests are entirely normal or when clinically the problem seems less obvious.  As a result, specific nutrients, lifestyle and diet changes are may be recommended.  This technique is not currently available in our office but can be arranged through her directly.


Most of you probably already realize that the nutritional therapy suggested by Dr. Kaslow and Patty Thetford are very different from the diets and “supplements” you buy off the shelf most anywhere?  Nutritional Therapy prioritizes the use of whole food concentrates that have been used successfully and safely for up to 70 years.  Whole foods are chosen instead of high potency vitamins because they often appear like foreign chemicals to the body since the body has never seen them in such isolation or to clinical potency.  The typical American diet often fails to properly nourish our bodies for a long and healthy life.  Although many of us think we eat well, more often than not our bodies are unable to fully utilize the precious nutrients in our foods.  Why?  Because most of the foods we eat have been cooked or processed, and this destroys the natural food enzymes found in all raw and uncooked food.


Enzymes seem to benefit a number of patients and are a common recommendation after darkfield microscopy.  Enzymes are necessary for proper digestion, nutrition, circulation, energy and immunity.  Enzyme supplements are important because when foods are cooked or processed the enzymes are cooked out of them.  As we age your body’s ability to produce enzymes or hydrochloric stomach acid decreases.  The darkfield studies are particularly helpful in identifying not only the need for enzymes but also if a particular enzyme is effective.  For this reason, specific enzymes are commonly recommended by Patty.  Enzymes are well tolerated, combine easily with other treatments, and if properly taken very effective.


In addition to enzymes, properly nourishing your body with healthy food and if necessary essential nutritional supplements is key to improving your health and your longevity.  Diet, whole food supplements and especially enzymes seem to be key in solving many areas of complaints, especially fatigue.  Patricia Thetford has helped many patients over the past 6 years with complaints ranging from fatigue to depression to headaches and digestion using this approach.  Patients have reported numerous and various gains such as relief from gas, bloating and bowel problems.


From a therapeutic standpoint, Patty utilizes her certifications and skills in a variety of modalities including JMT (Jaffe-Mellor Technique), CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis), NET (NeuroEmotional Technique) as well as TFT (thought field therapy).  With her expertise in foundational nutrition, her non-medical sessions can provide a powerful approach to healing.


Patty creates a safe and healing environment for patients to participate in their quest for health and well being.  She seeks to understand the “bigger concerns” underneath symptoms by helping each patient feel heard and valued.  It is her experience that “healing happens” in this connection.  She believes in having fun, keeping your energy up, being thankful for what you have and loving the people around her.


Patty is often referred to for nutritional counseling or emotional support.  She is considered an extra hand and heart of Dr. Kaslow’s.


Her e-mail address is naturalpath@adelphia.net

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