Megan, Beverly, and Lupelele


Lupelele or “Lele”  joined us in May 2015 to provide the lead with billing, accounting, and insurance. Along with her joyfulness and humor, she dedicates herself in providing the best service possible to every patient that walks through the door. We continue to update our scheduling, billing, and insurance claim system in hopes of providing you faster service and higher reimbursements. Her E-mail address is

Because you are not close to our office, I am going to have them send you Resonance Formula [Virus].  An updated Prescription for Optimal Health sheet is attached. Please e-mail the Supplement Dispensary to arrange delivery or pickup ( for any items that you may not already have.

Beverly and Megan represent our front office team.  Thanks for your patience and help as we work to provide you the best service and experiences we seek to provide.

Billing and Insurance IssuesWe ask that you realize we are on your side and want the whole process to be as smooth as possible for you. Interacting with insurance companies can be slow and very frustrating. If you find an error, please let us know since as we review past billing statements, there may be some confusion. The statement that you receive contains information about what has been billed to your insurance company combined with what you are responsible for paying directly.