Wheat Germ Oil as a dietary supplement has been controversial due to the process by which it is extracted. The extraction process is tricky because the active ingredients are so easily destroyed. Because wheat germ oil spoils easily and becomes rancid, the germ is often removed from the flour in store bought breads.

In order to preserve the valuable constituents of wheat germ oil, we only use products that extract the wheat germ oil by a flash heat method (in an instant) and must be immediately stored at low temperature to prevent it turning rancid. Some brand names make an issue of the fact that their brand will not turn rancid. Since you should eat nothing unless it will spoil, steer clear of any item that will not spoil. After extraction it is packed in oxygen-free containers and refrigerated until it is put into capsules. Therefore, there is little danger of it turning rancid, since the air is sealed out. However, keep it in a cool dark place, preferably refrigerated.

Vitamin E and Flaxseed Oil

Wheat Germ Oil is recognized as an excellent source of the vitamin E complex. One of the products used in our practice also contains the unsaturated fatty acids of Flaxseed Oil. This product fulfills Food and Drug Administration requirement of listing the content of alpha-tocopherol on the label. However, alpha-tocopherol is only the covering or protector of the entire ‘E’ complex. So the value of the vitamin E in the Wheat Germ serves us far better than what is listed on the label.

Flaxseed Oil has a higher proportion of the unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) than does the Wheat Germ Oil, so 27% of the capsule is from the Flaxseed. The best source of the vitamin E is the young, rapidly growing green cereal grass cut at the first joint stage. However, if a person wants a more potent dose of the vitamin E and the associated unsaturated fatty acids and if is not consuming the young grasses in sufficiently large quantity to compensate for the losses in all our grain foods, Wheat germ oil with flaxseed capsules are an excellent way of getting a higher potency.