I terminated many of the PPO insurance programs because their reimbursement rates is not feasible.  I can not afford to provide you the time or the quality of care I believe you deserve with the contractual discounts of these insurance companies.

The influence that your insurance company has on our visits is now affecting the way I am caring for you.  I am in the uncomfortable position of choosing to care enough to spend an adequate amount of time and resources to help you versus cutting corners, limiting your care, or becoming worried about financial realities and responsibilities.  Superficial, rushed, recurrent crisis-oriented appointments are not what I am passionate about.  My only concern, for which I took an oath, has been and will continue is to use whatever resources to provide what is best for you.  I know that we share the belief that you choose my office for health care.  I am not going to compromise you or myself. 

This decision was not easy for us.  We know it may place additional burdens on you, but it has to be done in order for you to get the time and care it takes to make a difference.  Switching to a high deductible policy may actually save money.   Do respect that providing care whether it be through e-mail, telephone, or in person takes time, economizing through deferred office visits has limits.

For those of you who continue with plans to which we are not contracted, I am going to be upfront now about how we will operate.  Without exception, the visits must be paid in full at the time of service (a current fee schedule of common charges is posted).  Once you have paid, we will electronically submit an insurance claim for direct reimbursement to you.  We will not justify to your insurance why I spent time with you, why I ordered what I thought you needed, why nutrition and lifestyle choices were chosen over medications, etc.  The information you want them to have will be your responsibility.  Too much time is being used on paperwork that has nothing to do with your health.

It is not clear how much your insurance carrier will cover when you are seen here in a non-participating provider’s office.  I hope that they will make it feasible for you.  The whole insurance situation has become a frustrating and disappointing experience for both the consumer and the health care provider.  Please do not ask us to what insurance plan to switch, your insurance broker or human resources personnel are better able to guide you in this regard.  We continue to participate in Cigna and OC Foundation.