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Innovative Medical Care & Services

We are able to assess the heart, vascular system, autonomic nerves, immune system, breast physiology, adrenals, thyroid, acupuncture meridians, metabolism, etc. with great depth and confidence…

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Patient and Nurse

I have considered Dr. Kaslow my primary physician for the last 30 years.  I first saw him when I lived in Orange County, continued seeing him for the ten years that I lived in the Silicon Valley and have continued seeing him for the last 9 year since I retired to the Seattle area.  I am 70 years old and consider him the primary reason I am in excellent physical and mental condition.

I understand that most Americans look for short term gains and that doesn't end with their medical care. Do not go to this doctor if you want a quick fix or a pill that will magically heal you. Healing takes work and consistency. I came to Dr Kaslow 17 years ago with what was thought as Crohns disease but with my determination and Dr Kaslow as my primary care doctor I found my way into health. It took time and yes money!! I took tons of supplements and changed my diet and lifestyle dramatically. I worked on my emotional well-being. Most importantly I changed my attitude and started to believe I could get better. Now I'm 42 years old and have never felt better. Ever grateful for Dr Kaslow’s care!!

Dr Kaslow definitely does not waste his time or yours.   You fill out an extensive questionnaire before your initial visit with him.  He gets to the bottom of any medical issues you may have.  His staff is very professional.  This office has several options/equipment for medical testing.  He does not prescribe you medicine that drugs you out like your typical physician.   He prescribes natural supplements that are good for your body.  I would definitely recommend this Doctors office to family and friend.

Now to those who would criticize his bedside manner, or the test he performs, or the cost of his care, let me say this:  Medicine is more of an art than a science.  And not everyone will find value in every piece of art.  The brilliance of Picasso is not appreciated by everyone.  As for Jeremy Kaslow, he is brilliant, he works for me, and has for 30 years.


The intent is everything, and you the patient is a partner in the journey. If you don’t know where we are going, you will only follow when you should actually lead. Certainly, not every patient needs to emphasize every aspect of each of these five, but as a practitioner, I must at least consider all of them if we are to be consistently successful. It is the process that makes a medical doctor a professional.

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In the long run, five basic questions must be addressed:

  • Is the condition caused by a deficiency of something (what must be done to get better)?
    (e.g. magnesium, electrolyte, B-vitamin, or essential fatty acid deficiency.)


  • Is the condition caused by something to avoid (what is making it worse)?
    (e.g. wheat or milk allergy, processed carbohydrates, caffeine, etc.)


  • Is the condition caused by something that needs to be eliminated / detoxified?
    (e.g. cadmium or lead intoxication, parasites, destructive job or relationship, etc.)


  • Is there a maladaptive emotional behavior or a core belief that impedes persistent progress / recovery?
    (e.g. excessive worry to the point it is detrimental, eating the wrong foods repetitively even when you feel poorly afterward, believing you are not worthy of wellness or success.)


  • Is there an interference field that is preventing healing / restoration?
    (e.g. a scar from an infection, trauma, burn, surgery, vertebral subluxation, or emotional event that has been imprinted into the autonomic nervous system.)





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Jeremy E Kaslow MD

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

Dr. Kaslow’s professional expertise and interests include nutrition, detoxication, metabolism / biochemistry, immune enhancement, hormone optimization, balancing cellular redox, pain management, neurochemistry, and new techniques for allergies, autoimmunity, and intolerances.

He earned his Medical Degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1984.  After completing a 3-year internship and residency in Primary Care  Medicine, Dr. Kaslow completed a 2 year Fellowship in Immunology and Allergy for Adults and Children at the University of California at Irvine in 1989.  He has been in private practice providing direct patient care since.

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720 N TUSTIN AVE, #202, SANTA ANA, CA 92705

We are on the West side of Tustin Avenue in Santa Ana located just west of the 55 Freeway between 4th Street and 17th Street across from Western Medical Center. We recommend you take the 4th Street off-ramp from either the 55 freeway or the 5 freeway due to the traffic flow.

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