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Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Welcome

The Very Low Calorie Fat Reduction Program is a medical approach to reducing excessive storage fat and weight gain built around a low-calorie diet coupled with specific supplements that may help stimulate fat metabolism. The relationship between hCG and weight loss was discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1960’s. Tens of thousands of people reportedly used his treatment and achieved rapid weight loss. Unlike nearly every other weight reduction program available today, Simeons’ patients did not gain the weight back. An edited version of the book, Pounds and Inches, is available for you to review. You should read every page so that by the time we meet to start you on the VLCD program, you are essentially mentally and dietarily prepared.

Our program is not a diet, an exercise program, a psychological behavior modification program, or some other system that is supposed to help you lose weight. This program actually addresses and attempts to correct the physiological cause of obesity, weight-gain, and the inability to lose weight. As such, the program offers a long-term solution to obesity and weight gain. Furthermore, the program seems to target fat loss in problem areas such as the stomach, buttocks, love handles, thighs, etc.

We make the program easier by:

  • Optional supplements, which promote muscle formation and fat reduction with exercise.

  • Oral remedies rather than injections or oral HCG.

Our cost is lower than anywhere else since we are using existing staff and only ask that we are reimbursed for their time and the products you choose.

Please contact the supplements department at (714) 565-1036 for a consultation today.

Weight Loss: Welcome
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