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There are many specific food plans that are recommended based on your particular needs.  Some of the more common ones are listed below.

Our Rapid Weight Reduction program utilizes a low calorie program combined with hormonal support that results in significant fat reduction.  It is a short intensive program that is very successful and will show you how to reduce body fat for the rest of your life.

Bieler’s Broth is a recipe that warrants looking at as a way of alkalizing the body, supporting the liver, and providing beneficial nutrients.  I highly recommend it as a meal replacement for detoxification and nourishment.

Mini Food Meal Program for those with autoimmune disorders or food intolerances that they have not yet identified.

The Page Fundamental Food Plan for those needing to balance glucose, hormones, weight, and metabolism.  This is our most basic and most utilized food plan and has stood the test of time.  In fact, many dietary programs and based on this food plan that emphasizes vegetables and protein intake.

The Macrobiotic Food Program is a powerful lifestyle approach emphasizing raw and vegetarian foods.  It has profound effect on detoxification and alkalization of the body.  We have witnessed miraculous changes in patients with cancer, refractory pain, and other debilitating conditions.  Healthy weight loss is a beneficial side effect.  If you have the need and the will to do what it takes, it is a transforming experience.

The webpage on Food Combining is derived from the work of the great George Goodheart, D.C. and can be incorporated into any of the other diet programs except the Mini-Food Meal.  It is simple to follow and can have profound benefits.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is used for individuals who are generally lactose intolerant and experiencing irritable bowel symptoms such as gas.  Yeast overgrowth often occurs in individuals who benefit from this diet.

The Fast or Slow Oxidizer Food Choices is used for individuals who do not handle carbohydrates well and are generally hungry and tired all the time.

The Low Oxalate Foods are often helpful for vulvar and vaginal pain conditions as well as other metabolic dysfunctions.

Look at the small meals handout for information on why smaller is better.

The Catabolic Foods list provides a list of foods that burn more calories to digest and metabolize than they provide.  In other words, it is claimed that you will lose weight if you eat these foods!

Our awareness of Leptin Resistance explains why abdominal fat deposition is so challenging.

For those with gout, here are some information and management suggestions to lower your uric acid level.


The Blood type diets can be helpful in certain circumstances.  I know there is controversy about their validity, but overall they are balanced and a “try and see” approach is worthwhile.

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DIETARY: Services

Bieler’s Broth

Catabolic Foods

Fast Oxidizer


Food Combining



KHC-5 Meals


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Mini-Food Meals


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