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Bieler’s Broth

PURPOSE : For restoring alkaline reserves and improving liver function

Bieler’s Broth: Welcome


  • zucchini squash

  • green beans

  • celery

  • parsley

  • Extra virgin olive oil -or- unsalted organic butter

  • Clean, chemical-free water

  • Cut up equal amounts of zucchini squash, green beans (frozen or fresh), and celery.

  1. ​​Steam until soft using clean water (distilled – or – reverse-osmosis and carbon filtered) in porcelain or stainless steel pot. Do not use aluminum or copper cookware.

  2. Fill blender 1/2 full with the vegetables and the water used for steaming. Add a small handful of chopped raw parsley. Blend to a consistency of pea soup (or, as desired).

  3. Add a small amount of unsalted organic raw butter or preferably extra virgin olive oil.

  4. (Chop the celery 1/2 inch or less to eliminate stringiness.)

  • For variety and to suit your own taste, try adding garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, ginger, herbs, etc. Season with tamari or wheat-free soy sauce, etc.

Bieler’s Broth: Welcome
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