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Toxicity is probably the most misunderstood, mistreated, and overlooked aspect of most nutritional practices.  While everyone focuses on special routines and herbal products, over time we have observed that when objective tests are used to determine the effects of a detoxication protocol, we were surprised that many of the most popular regimens did little to change the fundamental level of toxic burden.  What we have learned is that successful detoxication involves preparing the body for excretion, sequential drainage and then removal.  In other words, we try to get the toxins in a ready for easier excretion, we then open the door, and then nature takes its course with modest symptoms.  The Reckeweg stages mentioned in the management approach has been very insightful.

The web pages listed below deal with some of the heavy metal issues that have been the focus of some of our patient’s chronic and unsolved medical conditions:

TOXICITY: Services

Arsenic Exposure



Lead Exposure

Mercury’s Effects

Mercury’s Effect On Biochemistry

Metal Toxicity

Why the Ionic State Makes Heavy Metals Toxic



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