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Homeopathy: Welcome

Homeopathy is a system of healing, discovered 200 years ago by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The remedies are all natural, are without harmful side-effects, and are not addictive. They are safe for adults, the elderly as well as for infants and children. Even pregnant women can take the remedies safely. In the U.S., homeopathy is a legally recognized method of healing in accordance with FDA guidelines, and the remedies are prepared according to the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. Homeopathy works to clear the body, at a cellular or energetic level, of metabolic disturbances. Homeopathic medicine is non-toxic. Many people confuse homeopathy with herbal therapy, vitamins, minerals, etc. Homeopathy is a system of healing that is typically divided into a classical technique or a complementary technique. The classical technique is used by a small number of practitioners who base their choice of typically one or two homeopathic remedies after an extensive analysis of your personality and symptoms. Complementary homeopathic remedies are used for specific conditions and are used by all types of health practitioners, including Dr. Kaslow.


Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, such as the Dandelion; some animal substances, such as the venom of the bee; different active and naturally occurring substances such as Mother of Pearl; beneficial metals, such as iron and magnesium salts; and from substances that have a known curative effect. The theory is that these substances produce the expression of similar symptoms as those we are trying to treat. Minute (actually infinitesimal) doses are designed to stimulate the body’s natural response to self-heal. The effect of these different substances is presumably enhanced by a special process, called “POTENTIZING.” It consists of diluting the original substance in steps, and shaking the solution after every dilution, enhancing its action as a remedy. Often times with the special type of homeopathy used by Dr. Kaslow, there may be something you appear to react to listed on the label. However, by the time you receive the remedy, there is in fact NONE of the original substance remaining. This then eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. Any reaction you may experience is thus a detoxification or healing response. Adjusting the dose may be necessary to balance the effects of a beneficial response with any adverse reactions. Through this process, remarkable as it sounds, the diluted remedies that may have been dangerously strong in their original state, not only become completely safe to use, but apparently acquire increased potency for more effective healing or detoxification.

For many homeopathic remedies, the dilution of the remedy is indicated by a symbol, consisting of a number and a letter. The number indicates the number of times the remedy has been diluted and the letter indicates the kind of diluting step used.

The most common homeopathic remedies are liquids or lactose/sugar pellets or wafers impregnated with the liquid remedy. Some liquid forms contain alcohol to preserve the remedy. Non-alcoholic liquids are used whenever possible or pellets/wafers may be used if alcohol is undesirable. Also available are ointments and herbal tinctures for first aid help in the case of injuries such as wounds, burns, bruises, insect bites, etc.


Drops are placed on or under the tongue or in a small amount of spring or well water. Pellets are counted into the hollow stopper of the glass vial, or into the cap of the container then melted under the tongue. Wafers in blister packs are melted on or under the tongue. Do not touch pellets/wafers with your fingers or let the dropper get contaminated in your mouth.

If not listed on the container, we will tell you how many drops or cc’s, pellets, or wafers to take and when and how often the remedy has to be repeated.

Remedies should not be taken close to mealtimes, if possible. A good time is before bed or first thing in the morning. If taken during the day, they should be taken 20 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal, brushing your teeth, or use of herbs, supplements, medications, etc.

Homeopathy: Welcome
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