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The Jaffe Mellor Technique (JMT) was developed by Carol Jaffe, D.Ac., Ph.D. and Judith M. Mellor, R.N., Ph.D. to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and a variety of chronic conditions. Dr. Kaslow, Susan Kaefer, R.P.T. and Patti Thetford, C.N. are trained in JMT, and Dr. Kaslow is among only a handful of medical doctors in the world who has been Certified in the Advanced JMT. The procedure requires no special preparation, is performed only in the office, and can be successful in both children and adults of any age.

Drs. Jaffe and Mellor made the observation, which has been confirmed through many scientific observations, that most cases of arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases are in fact due to a pathogen (microbe). The pathogen then stimulates the immune system, which in its efforts to eradicate the microbe damage the body. Other conditions with a similar cause include fibromyalgia, psoriasis, asthma, M.S. and lupus. The exact names of the pathogen(s) are not important and have purposely not been identified to avoid diverting the focus of the technique to a debate on the relevance of the pathogen’s identity. Lab tests have not yet been helpful in identifying the agent(s) anyway.

Because all microbes have a small but distinct electromagnetic resonance, there are two effects that they exert on the human body. The first is the normal defense reaction of the immune system to defend against the pathogen. This is what is primarily responsible for most of the actual aching and damage that occurs in joints, muscles, and other tissues. It is in fact an immunologic-biochemical response. The second effect of the pathogen has to do with its resonance, which is not harmonious with the magnetic field of humans and animals. Thus part of the chaos and imbalance that the pathogen creates is not addressed by medications, anti-inflammatory agents, pain killers, or even nutritional agents like glucosamine sulfate, MSM, etc. because these only address the biochemical and immunologic effect. The pathogen’s “perverse” energy must be interrupted in many cases in order to relieve pain and inflammatory symptoms. In fact the resonance pattern apparently is part of the reason the immune system remains activated.

The JMT is a method that addresses the resonance of the pathogens. In this way the signal that has been stimulating the immune response system appears to be turned off allowing the body to heal. As a result, patients report that the symptoms resolve and they are able to discontinue medications, special diets, arthritis-related supplements, etc. after completing JMT.

The are three main steps to JMT: Identify, Deactivate, and Set. The first part of the visit is to ensure that our staff has found the same resonance as the patient through Autonomic Response Testing. Once this has been established, the staff will test to see if the patient is able and willing to undergo the process. If so, the staff will check if there is a pathogen’s resonance that the patient’s immune system is actively seeking to destroy or eliminate and that is causing the patient’s symptoms. If and when this is determined, the staff will identify the major pathogen (there could be several) and if it is perceived to be safe and effective to undergo JMT. The deactivation is performed by re-imprinting the neurolimbic imprint of the pathogen or target site. This takes only a few moments and is similar to many other forms of reprogramming. When this is successful, an Energy Enhancement Technique is done to “set” the deactivation using a specialized electronic TENS/acupuncture unit on 5 specific acupuncture points of each arm and leg. No needles are used.

The entire procedure and visit should take about 15 minutes. The patient is free to go about the rest of the day with the only restriction of eating no meat or bird flesh (eggs, fish, dairy is ok) until the following day. Only one treatment can be performed a day. The response after having JMT depends on the type of condition. For osteoarthritis, 80% of patients report significant relief after the first visit. Several treatments may be needed to notice improvement with other types of immune disorders.

Follow-up is based primarily on the patient’s schedule and symptoms. The typical osteoarthritis patient should need no more than 6 sessions but a complicated autoimmune disorder may take 20 or more. Even if you get dramatic improvement after 1 session, it is advised that patients return for completion of the program so the pathogen is less likely to re-emerge and to keep harmony in the immune response system. We recommend 1-2 treatments a week for osteoarthritis and 2-3 treatments a week for all other conditions.

The fee for each JMT session with Patti Thetford is $40-55.00. A component of the visit may be considered electrical stimulation and/or a brief office visit and these are often reimbursable from insurance. We do not have enough experience with billing insurance however to know for certain.(02/01)

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