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Low Battery Focus

The “Low Battery” Focus 

(Paraphrased from Timothy Ray, O.M.D L.Ac. from Explore! 10:4)

Low Battery Focus: Welcome

A low battery focus (LBF) means that the patient cannot utilize most remedies that they test for and need, and which may become toxic to their system when ingested. The ‘low battery’ focus also blocks correct assessment of the patient’s condition.

A low battery focus can be identified when the electrical current (nanoamperage) of the body measured at all of the end points of the acupuncture meridians (with a Performance 2001[1]) is below 200-400 nA (normal is 400-800 nA). This finding indicates that there is a focal disturbance. In most patients with a low battery focus Darkfield microscopy shows the zeta potential of the red blood cell membrane has lost its negative charge as evidenced by the appearance of rouleaux and or aggregation (diminished oxygen, nutrient and waste exchange).

This means that the body’s lowered electrical potential compromises enzyme function and general biological ionization processes. This situation is different from blocked regulation, switching, allergies, toxins, scars, adhesions, infections, specific organ dysfunctions, enzyme or mineral nutrient deficiencies, dental foci, tumors, iatrogenic damage, psychological, geopathic, EMR and radiation disturbances but can be the result or the cause of most of the above and is a primary focal problem in and of itself. (If the car battery is dead, fixing the rest of the engine won’t start the car).

The result of this LBF is that any remedy or food, even if it tests beneficially, could react negatively if it does not contribute an electronegative charge or if the body’s nanoamperage has not been restored to normal range prior to dosage. The body simply cannot process, digest, understand, or utilize it even if it appears to be tested perfect-and-only remedy. In this case, therapeutic procedures can only have temporarily beneficial effects, if any. In other words, you may not see benefit even if there is a predicted benefit if there is a low battery focus.

Correcting all of the other focal problems will not necessarily correct the LBF, especially in the chronically ill and radiation toxic patient. Once the remedy is placed into the patient’s system, the mouth as an indicator, it provokes chemical reactions that are synergistic and different from its “photon emission frequency”[2] effect. In other words, it becomes a completely different formula that includes its interaction with the person’s individual biochemistry and their ability to utilize it in that new and altered chemical state.

How to tell if you have a Low Battery Focus (Testing Options):

A patient with a low battery focus may initially test well to a particular remedy or treatment, but by the time the therapy has been started or within a few days, the therapy doesn’t seem to work or there are a lot of side effects, suspect a low battery focus.

A low battery focus is predicted with the Performance 2001 when the nanoamperage readings on most or all of the end points are below 200-400 nA. This indicates that there is a focal disturbance (accelerated photon bleeding [4]) but not necessarily a LBF. If a Darkfield shows rouleaux, then a LBF is evident.

If you find that a remedy tests well when it is held near the body [3] but when mixed into the biochemical/hormonal milieu of the body (by putting some into the mouth and chewing or holding it in there for a few moments) and then retesting in 20 minutes, there is no improvement or an actual draining of the energy, there is a LBF. The bottom line is if the patient tests worse after consuming a remedy to which they are not allergic and that remedy tests as beneficial before consumption, they have a LBF.

What can be done to correct LBF (Solution Possibilities):

Fulvic acid [5] in addition to its other remarkable health restoring capabilities, restores electrolyte potential thus indirectly contributing an electro negative charge. Testing points with the Performance 2001 on patients with LBF showed improvement (100-300%) 20 minutes post dosage on all points, indicating that they had been able to utilize the remedy without detriment. PolyFlor, a beneficial flora complex–the agricultural variety as well as the research grade pharmaceutical versions–are made in the wild in soil with bacteria, fungi, nematodes, amoebas, worms and whatever else is living in the soil and is not filtered by living plant systems prior to ingestion by humans as food (which would be the natural way to get fulvic acid).

“In classical homeopathy, in prescribing one single remedy, all of the acid remedies present with slightly different pictures of debility, fatigue, burn-out, fragility, trepidation and exhaustion. In the context of nature’s law of similars, the acid remedies will act over time as some of the greatest restoratives, for these patients whose batteries have gone flat or when the vital force needs careful support and a spark. The acid remedies have particular and specific effects on the central nervous system, the bodies electrical circuit.” [6]

Deep belly laughs and having fun–the intensity that allows one to forget their problems and go for the joy, will raise the energy, similar to a tired person who is willing to stay up all night without thought of their tiredness because the adventure is so exciting to them. I think of this as ‘kick starting’ the engine. Dr. Mick MacKenzie, of MacKenzie International Consulting, presents a dynamic seminar called “Self-Actualization ­ The Experience” that would definitely give these patients the needed jolt and gentle recharge. If you ask a patient, on a scale of 1 – 10, how much fun they are having in their life, and the answer is less than “nine” with a grin, this is the seminar for them (LBF or not). [7] My most stubbornly ill patients have all had a lack of fun/joy in their lives, without exception.

Eat organic, full spectrum, local grown (in rich humic topsoil) raw food diet based on their metabolic and blood type. Springreen #30 or #33, Phytogreens, Quantum Greens, etc. are excellent sources of raw, assimilable food.

Chew each bite at least 50 times, and work up to 200 times.

Drink alkaline water (electron rich) like Trinity® or Vitae®.

Correct dental focal problems.

If there is an apparent bulging abdomen in a person who is not fat, Mayr Cure may be effective if used with raw food and according to the blood type.

Although silica hydride contributes a minus 800 mV charge into water or food, my experience with Microhydrin over several years ago has not been effective. The theory that it is a powerful electron donor and free radical scavenger is great but the effect is missing. Dr. Ray reports it could be very stressful on the nervous system, kidneys and blood requiring NADH, B complex with phosphatidylserine and proteolytic enzymes to balance it. Although the manufacturer says the new, pure powder version has overcome these problems, I also found it lacking benefit.

Stand barefoot under a tree on wet grass or walk at the shoreline at morning or dusk, daily, and stay out of the sun. I’ve noticed that people with excesses of positive ions have trouble getting sleep that is deep and refreshing, which is generally where we recharge our batteries.

Proteolytic enzymes are known to resolve rouleaux almost immediately after ingestion, thus probably contributing an electronegative charge, however they may also kill the beneficial bowel flora and should be used with the same precautions as taken with antibiotics.

The ElectroAcuscope, used in our office for physical therapy and accelerated healing, provides a regenerating signal that we are exploring as a treatment option for LBF.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is another technique for introducing healing energy into the body. The LLLT unit we use provides a resonance that accelerates healing and rejuvenates organs.

There are no doubt must other ways such as Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy, possibly Lahovsky’s multiple wave oscillator, certain Rife frequencies, Mora Therapy–basically anything that provides a measurable, appropriate, bioavailable and sustainable electro negative charge.

Retest after 2 weeks of completion.

Other Implications:

After having cared for many people who should respond well to a program but then seemingly do not benefit from it, a final test to confirm the benefit should ingest the nutrients or remedies and then be re-tested 20 minutes later using the Performance 2001. The reason for this is that the photon emission frequency (to which we base our preliminary recommendations is in fact different than the resultant substance which interacts with the unique biochemical and hormonal make-up of the patient. They are in fact different and should probably be evaluated as such. Although impractical, a taste test proves the discrepancy between intent and effect.

Case History

Female, age 50, severe, debilitating diarrhea for eight weeks. Fatigue, dehydrated, previously diagnosed with parasites. She is a doctor, has been to see many holistic and medical practitioners in the area. All medications have made her worse. Very clean diet, even food makes her worse.

Performance 2001 test results: 4/27/01: all points at 100 ­ 150 nA.

Primary finding: Low Battery Focus. The only remedy that corrected the points was a probiotic processed Chlorella supernatant, high in fulvic acid. Dosage was tested as 12 drops twice a day, sublingual. She was only willing to take her first dose at home.

She reports: 4/27/01: PM, took 12 drops. Got a small instant headache. Mild. Drank a lot of water.

4/28/01: Woke up feeling light as a feather, with energy, more myself. Took 12 drops. Still a slight headache before and after taking the drops. 12 drops taken late that afternoon with no physical reaction. Became extremely tired; rested and relaxed, watched a movie. Diarrhea slowed down considerably.

4/29/01: 12 drops taken in the morning with no reaction. Bowels better but not right. Diarrhea stopped but gaseous. 12 drops taken at night with slightly constipated and continued gas.

4/30/01: 12 drops taken in the morning followed by a normal bowel movement. Reports feeling much better. Performance 2001 test results: 4/30/01: one point (toxicity/allergy) went to normal at 450nA, 7 points 200-300% better, 2 points the same. No longer focal, still needs restoration, but out of trouble. She is very happy because she gets to go on her vacation tomorrow instead of to the hospital.


1. The Performance 2001 is a measurement device and system developed by MedTronics, Quadromed and Dr. H. Schimmel in Germany that can measure billionths of an ampere into an EAV type point measurement device. It provides objective measurement of the nanoamperage of the meridians, similar to an EEG. Dr. Kaslow is one of the few medical doctors in the United States with a Performance 2001 unit.

2. All substances have an objectively measurable, different, and specific photon emission frequency. The instrument used for proving the existence of and measuring the frequencies was developed in Germany. This is why tested substances are put into clear glass, and not opaque, test ampoules, so that the ‘light’ can get out and impact the ‘energy’ of the patient being tested.

3. Autonomic Response Testing as taught by Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Ulan. It can take up to 20 minutes for a remedy to register a change in theta waves with real time EEG (i.e., to cross the blood brain barrier, if at all). It can happen sooner.

4. A dying or inflamed cell will share its photons with the surrounding cellular community (F. Popp, Ph.D.) and exhibit increased electrical activity. (For example, the gum above a normal tooth in a healthy young man measures 1200 nA, whereas a focal tooth with granuloma (infection) measures 10,000 nA.) I think TL (therapy localization) or laser therapy will temporarily dissolve a focus, long enough for testing purposes, because the therapists touch or the laser (at 660 nM) contribute photons to the local disturbance, normalizing the tissue, temporarily stopping the photon bleeding. The focus is drawing ‘current’ from the other meridians as it discharges photons, thus rendering them unable to convey correct information because they do not have the energy to respond to testing.

5. Fulvic acid is one of the end products of the humification (composting) of healthy topsoil (including humic acid and humin). Fulvic acid is nature’s method of making foods and herbs reactive, bioactive and assimilable by restoring electrolyte potential. Because pesticides and fertilizers have killed most of the beneficial soil bacteria in our topsoil, this essential nutrient is nowhere near as plentiful in our food chain as it once was. Many think its absence is a primary cause of chronic degenerative diseases. For more information on fulvic acid, visit

6. Contributed by Dr. Murray Clarke L.Ac DH. at the Low Battery Focus Forum.

7. Dr. MacKenzie can be reached or at

© 12/24/2001

Low Battery Focus: Welcome
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