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UltraLite Weight Loss

UltraLite Weight Loss: Welcome

According to the National Institute of Health Publication 04-4805 April 2004:

A 15 pound reduction in weight reduced the risk of getting type II diabetes by 58%

For those 60 and older, a 15 pound weight loss reduced their risk by 71%

Our weight loss and health management approach is based on Australian naturopath Tony LeVannais’ extensive research into nutritionally balanced weight loss.  He has defined a program that fits into our philosophy that reduces processed foods and achieves long term health in addition to losing significant amounts of excess weight.  Over 300,000 Australians have used his system, and now this approach is available to only a select number of health care professionals in the United States.  Patty Thetford, Dr. Grant, and Dr. Kaslow met with Dr. Vannais during an in-depth training June 8, 2003.  Several of our patients began the program and lost 5 – 9 pounds of weight in the first week!  As of November 2003, we have over 50 patients who have completed the initial phase of the program with nearly a 100% response.

This weight program is designed to provide a proper balance of high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids.  And unlike some weight-loss programs, all of the food is readily available everyday foods that are already in your pantry.  There’s no need to buy special foods, or foods that have been processed to be low calorie, etc.  You can even prepare the same meals for the rest of your family.

The program is based on a protein sparing modified diet that promises to never leave you feeling hungry.  The plan is designed to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle and healthy tissue.  We know that your metabolism is unique to you and one diet does not work for everyone.  Your diet plan is monitored through a simple at home method.  Using simple specific guidelines, weight management is structured, safe, and consistent.  The results will be easy to see on the scale and in your body physique.

In fact, the results speak for themselves. In the first week, most people lose between 4 to 10 pounds, followed by 3 to 6 pounds every week thereafter. In fact, utilizing a simple daily urine test enables you to see in less than 5 seconds that you are losing weight, because your body has achieved the state of balanced ketosis, which is a substantial motivation to stay on the program.  You will know what you must do to lose fat, and what you can and can’t get away with.

To assist with balancing your metabolism, you may benefit from a proprietary compact disc, which promotes balance in your nervous system and results in a state of deep relaxation and allowing the subconscious to be retrained.

Because the diet is nutritionally balanced, your muscle tone should improve as you lose weight and most people report feeling fabulous.  Exercise is not necessary to lose the weight but is essential to muscle tone and definition.  The choice of exercise is up to you.  With the correct balance of your biochemistry, you should expect vitality and improved mental and physical performance.

The initial phase of this program begins with a one hour private consultation.  From there a 5 to 10 week program using the dietary concepts, specific supplements, home monitoring and weekly in office private follow-ups are included.  The supplement sachets are a whole food concentrate, which ensure adequate mineral and vitamins, minimize your hunger, and promote detoxification and fat loss are included.  As you work toward an appropriate ideal target weight, adjustments are made to either continue the weight loss or develop a strategy for permanent stabilization of weight.  Although we do not expect failure, there are several complementary strategies that we can incorporate into your program to make it work for you.

Once you reach your target weight, you will be placed on a well-balanced maintenance program, with check ups, to help overcome the difficulties of staying at your ideal weight.

The program is simple, competitively priced, overseen by Dr. Kaslow, and easy to apply.  The same program has given over 400,000 Australians a new life to enjoy by teaching them to think about how they are eating and apply these principles to their food choices and portion sizes.

Although being overweight increases the risk of other health problems, it is often not a covered medical expense and we will not accept insurance assignment for any part of the program.  It seems like insurance companies would want to help because participants report improvement in tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel disorders, insomnia, aching joints, headaches and lack of motivation.  Call (714-565-1032) or e-mail Patty ( to give you the details, answer questions, and be sure you’re a good candidate for the program.  Only Patty can give you this information.

UltraLite Weight Loss: Welcome
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